FAKTR  stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab, Provocation and Motion.  

1) Functional – we are interested in what function someone is unable to perform.  This could mean inability to sit,

kneel, walk, reach, lift, run, get in and out of a car, throw or any other function or what is called the activities of

daily living but this goes beyond just doing what is required during daily living into recreation, the work place

and so forth.

2) Kinetic –  treatment incorporates the entire kinetic chain and does not address the problem just locally, but

throughout the kinetic system.

3) Treatment – treatment can be rendered manually, with FAKTR or both.  The decision on which to use is left

up to the clinician.

4) Rehab – treatment is rendered often with the use of rehabilitation equipment such as elastic bands, stability pads,

TRX, physiobals, whole body vibration (WBV), weights, body blades, flexbars, BOSU, perfect pushup, and virtually

any piece of rehabilitation equipment from simple to complex.

5) Provocation –  that treatment in positions of provocation appear to expedite recovery.  We also treat in both the

eccentric as well as the concentric movement patterns but tend to focus with greater specificity to the eccentric phase.

6) Motion – motion may or may not be a part of the treatment.  If pain is felt only at the end range, treatment is administered at end range of movement but, if pain, discomfort, tightness is felt through any portion or all of the range of motion (ROM), we treat through the ROM.  There also might be times that pain cannot be provoked by movement alone but only with resistance, therefore, resistance might also be incorporated into the treatment.


FAKTR is a revolutionary way to treat soft tissue problems. This method is effective for many conditions, ranging from headaches, back pain, shoulder problems, pain in the elbows, feet, just about any body part. Injuries can be caused by over use, falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, work related injuries and can have bothered you for a long time, or be a new condition. Many times the joint's range of motion can be reduced by soft tissue adhesions.  

FAKTR is not effective on all conditions and is not appropriate for all patients. There are both indications and contraindications for the use of FAKTR. Wondering if FAKTR can help you and your goals?  Ask Dr. Colman for an evaluation today!

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