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Subzero: The Original Localized Cryotherapy Handheld

First introduced in France in 2001, Subzero is the original targeted cryotherapy handheld, trusted by more than 10000 spa and cryo center owners, sports trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors around the world.

With an unparalleled suite of accessories and reputation for reliable quality, Subzero continues to lead innovation in localized cryotherapy.

Sports recovery and readiness
(reduce pain & inflammation)

Orthopedic clinics, athletic trainers and physical therapy practices have begun leveraging the localized cryotherapy technique for its remarkable advantages, especially in swiftly alleviating pain and reducing swelling and inflammation. They now offer comprehensive service packages not just to individual patients, but when appropriate, to entire teams, catering to the needs of 11 to 24 athletes simultaneously, throughout entire seasons.

Given that each cryotherapy session typically lasts only around three minutes, orthopedic clinics and centers can efficiently accommodate multiple teams within a single day.


Utilizing a smaller, highly portable tank, this cryotherapy approach can be deployed directly on the field, pitch, track, or court. It effectively addresses injuries, enabling athletes to expedite their recovery process and swiftly return to their respective games.

Chiropractor in Clarksville TN
Chiropractor in Clarksville TN
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