Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Dr Laura Colman is Clarksville's only Webster Certified Doctor of Chiropractic. 


With specific chiropractic adjustments and exercises; both of which are safe during pregnancy, Dr. Laura offers relief of back pain, sciatic pain, and pelvic pain related to pregnancy.   Treatment also focuses on the optimum in-utero environment for proper neurological development of the fetus.  Many of the sensory-motor systems that are critical for later social, motor, and academic learning rely on proper fetal movement in-utero.  Chiropractic care is also known to help minimize the need for c-sections or other traumatic events that can be associated with pregnancy and/or the birthing process. There is substantial research that links various neurodevelopmental disorders with birth trauma and/or difficult pregnancies; particularly with c-sections.

For example, autistic children are 12 times more likely to suffer birth trauma or complication than their non-autistic siblings. Emma Glasson and colleagues from the University of Western Australia School of Psychiatric and Clinical Neuroscience compared the birth records of the 465 children diagnosed with autism between 1980 and 1995 with the records of 1,313 randomly selected non-autistic children. They found that compared to the non-autistic group, the autism cases experienced more difficulties during pregnancy, labor, delivery and during the neonatal period. One of the common factors was that of cesarean section delivery.  

According to the Desert News (February 2007), Utah is said to have one of the highest autism rates; 1/133 children and 1/79 boys. They also have a higher ratio of breech births, c- sections and newborns that required more than 30 minutes of assisted ventilation among children with autism.

According to a study by Irvin Hendryson, MD, a member of the American Medical Association board of trustees, “visiting a chiropractor while being pregnant can help the expectant mother deliver the baby with more comfort.” Research has also found that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy have approximately 6 fewer hours of labor than women who did not receive care.

Another important reason for care throughout pregnancy is to help establish balance in the mother’s pelvis. Williams Obstetrics Text states that “Any contraction of the pelvic diameters that diminish the capacity of the pelvis can create dystocia (difficulty) during labor.” They further state that the diameter of the woman’s pelvis is decreased when   the sacrum is displaced. Also, if the bones of the pelvis are out of                               alignment or subluxated, this will directly affect the way the uterus will                         be supported. Unequal ligament support of the uterus will twist/turn the                       uterus reducing the amount of room for the developing baby.  Allowing your baby room to move and grow keeps moms and babies happy.  It's not too early or too late in a pregnancy to get adjusted.







Pregnant mothers do not have to live in pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care is gentle and effective for the expectant mother and for her  baby.  Dr. Laura Colman works together with local OBs, midwives, doulas, birth instructors and lactation consultants. She has completed over 200 hours of extra education geared specifically for pregnant, nursing and post partum moms, as well as infant and child chiropractic care.  Where else can a Clarksville mom find expert advice and referrals on all aspects  of pre-natal, birth and post partum care?


What is Webster Technique?


According to the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), "The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved." 


"The obstetric literature has determined that correct positioning of the baby in-utero affect birth outcome and decrease the potential for undue stress to the baby's developing spine and nerve system. Obstetric literature has determined the importance of normal pelvic neuro-biomechanics including uterine function and pelvic alignment for the prevention of dystocia (difficult birth). It has also determined that correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects birth outcome and decreases the potential for undue stress to the baby's developing spine and nerve system. Chiropractic literature has determined the significance of sacral adjustments in normalizing pelvic neuro-biomechanics. 
It is therefore considered prudent that this specific sacral analysis and adjustment be used throughout pregnancy to detect and alleviate sacral imbalance and optimize pelvic neuro-biomechanics in the mother. Because of the particular female adaptations from the increase of hormones, weight gain and postural adaptations, pregnant mothers have a greater chance of sacral subluxation and neuro-biomechanical imbalance than the general population. Additionally, because of the effect the chiropractic adjustment has on all body functions by reducing nerve system stress, pregnant mothers may have significant benefit by having their spines checked regularly throughout pregnancy, optimizing health benefits for both the mother and baby."


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